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Luke Kennedy, Editor, Tracks magazine

“Might be the most inspiring action doco ever made because it’s relatable to the average human. As much about friendship as it is adventure, more about having a few laughs with mates than ego maniac stunts. Enchantingly shot and deftly composed. A testament to human wanderlust that will make you walk out and immediately book your next trip.”

Eugene Tan, Aquabumps

A wise man once said -  a life without travel is like reading the same page of a book every day. Gilso and Blake know how to travel and find adventure in the oceans and snow. After being grounded for two years, watching the film made me dream of travel again and motivated me to book a trip away! Two good blokes doing what they love - it's what life's all about.

Macario De Souza, director/producer

At a time where an uncertain society is glued to devices, bored and lack motivation, we need inspiration more than ever. Chase That Feeling is that hit of dopamine we all need to pick ourselves up, challenge the status quo and explore the world around us. BT & Gilso go against the grain and bring to life the true meaning of “leaving no stones unturned” in a humble manner. Incredible landscapes captured cinematically, this doco will make you want to save your pennies and book your next adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends.It’s adrenaline-filled, human and uplifting. The world could do with more stories like this.

James Hutton, Editor, Beast magazine

After two years confined to Australia's shores, Chase That Feeling is a timely reminder of how lucky we are to be able to travel and experience what the world has to offer, on steroids! If you can't find the motivation to explore, Blake and Gilso's energy and enthusiasm will reignite the fire within and get you moving. This a film as much about the journey as it is the action. A must watch.

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